Play2Win is a platform which allows its users to play cricket on their website and mobile application, so you can follow the sporting world and earn on the go. It provides innumerable opportunity to test your sporting brains and win money on a daily basis with fascinating rewards and cash bonus. Play2Win is the new global leader in the market of sports sites and ensure that each user gets benefits and rewards at the end of every contest. Play2Win gives its users all the opportunity to select the best players from the best teams and combine them for better performance of your Play2Win team.

Play2Win rises as one of the leading Sports Gaming Platform who advance people to perform their sporting skills and earn real money with it. This sports website offers you to create your 11 players team, lead them and make easy money.

You can register to Play2Win by simply filling a form available on Play2Win website's homepage. Our users can also signup on Play2Win directly by using Facebook or Google account.

All the users are strictly prohibited to create more than one account on Play2Win. A user is only allowed to create a single account with their valid documents.

All the users can edit or change their basic information like name, date of birth and address, however users will not be allowed to change/edit/update their registered email address, phone number or team name which they have registered once with Play2Win.

In case you are a registered and verified user of Play2Win, and are using the correct registered email address and mobile number but still can’t login into your Play2Win account, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page.

If the users are not able to receive confirmation mail after signing up, that's majorly because of two reasons. Firstly, the confirmation mail might be marked as 'spam' and could have ended up in your spam folder of the mailbox.

Secondly, the user might have entered some incorrect detail due to which the confirmation mail failed to reach them. In this case you have to type all the correct details in order to receive your confirmation mail

Users can come across various problems while logging in their Play2Win account. The main reason generally why this problem arises is when the users enter incorrect email address or password. There's an option of 'Forgot your Password?' specifically for this issue in which the users can reset their password by entering registered phone number on which they will receive an 'One Time Password'. All users can reset their password after using the OTP sent by Play2Win.

The role of Captain and Vice-Captain is basically to help you earn extra score or points in the contest. On the basis of their on-field performance, the chosen captain is awarded 2 times the original points and the vice-captain is awarded 1.5 times the original points they score or earn in any contest.

You can make ‘n’ number of changes in your Play2Win team before the deadline of any contest and the changes are reflected instantly in your team on the website or mobile app.

The users are not permitted to create or edit their teams during the round. The users are only allowed to make all changes prior to the deadline, which is usually 1 hour before the start time of match.

All the users are prohibited to make any changes or edit their teams during the contest round after the deadline is over. Users can only make changes in their team an hour before the match begins, which is the basic deadline of any match

You can only create multiple teams in any contest after you have created your first team. You can create a new team by just clicking the option of ‘Create another Team’. You can also clone your previous team and add some new players by options available on My Team’s page.

Play2Win allow the users to create a maximum of 6 separate teams for single match.

The users will not be awarded for a super match in any contest because points scored or wickets taken by players in a super over are not considered in their official records.

You can simply select the contest and click on ‘Winners’ option in order to know if there was a single or multiple winner of the contest. It will show a detailed list of winners and prize money for each rank.

Play2Win which is associated with real match will be cancelled instantly and all the entry fees of the users will be refunded. This includes both the scenarios when the match is abandoned in the beginning or after the match has started.

If any match is resulted through D/L method, then the match will be considered as complete on Play2Win and accordingly points will be awarded. No refund will be made in such cases and all the ranks and points will be given on the basis of live scores.

The contest will be cancelled and all the entry fees of the users will be refunded if any of the cash event does not meet required number of participants. This is only applicable on contests that are not defined as ‘Confirmed’ and marked it by “C” icon.

The winning on Play2Win is only distributed once our team checks and verifies the scorecard of live matches with the scorecard at Play2Win to make sure that correct points are awarded to users of on-field performances of their chosen players. Play2Win usually completes the process of winner declaration and distribution of winning amount among the winners within few hours after the end of match.

The amount in winnings account of a user should be withdrawn to the user’s bank account within 365 days of transfer, or else amount will be automatically transferred to the bank account of user submitted by him/her at the time of registration with Play2Win. In an event if user fail to withdraw his/her winnings within 365 days of credit, then the winnings amount of user will be forfeited by Play2Win.

Play2Win use verified third-party payment gateways that use various security checks in order to ensure that all the transactions on our website are completely safe and credible.

This problem arises generally when there is void between communication of parties involved in transaction primarily from bank’s end. You can always contact us regarding this problem along with a screenshot of their card/bank statement to show that there has been a deduction from user’s bank account so that we can solve the specific query of the user.

The users can only use the amount deposited in your unutilized account for joining contests on Play2Win. No, the users cannot make any withdrawal from your unutilized account.

Play2Win offers cash bonus to all its users, which can be defined as an amount awarded to the users by Play2Win under various schemes and promotions strategy such as refer and earn, etc. All the users will receive a cash bonus when they join Play2Win for the first time or under various promotional schemes.

The users are required to verify their email address and mobile number in order to join any contest. The user will however not be eligible to withdraw until their account is verified by Play2Win and the user have provided all the necessary details like PAN card bank details.

Play2Win is a one of the leading sports platform in India that enables its users to earn real money by showcasing their sporting skills and knowledge about the game. It involves transaction and transfer of real money between your Play2Win account and bank account therefore it is mandatory to verify your PAN Card details as an identity proof, in order to make withdrawals from your Play2Win account. If the user does not have a PAN card then the winning amount will be displayed in ‘Your Winnings’ section of user’s Play2Win wallet. The user can further withdraw the amount by verifying the PAN card details, after applying for a PAN card.